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Aqua Lifter, Aqualifter Pump by Tom AW-20 Drip/Dose NIB

Aqua Lifter, Aqualifter Pump by Tom AW-20 Drip/Dose NIB

$ 17.80

  • Multi-purpose vacuum pump from Tom Aquarium 
  • Designed to lift water with its diaphragm and flappers. 
  • Compact in design and powerful, it can dose at a rate of 3.5 gallons per hour 
  • Capable of pumping up to 30 inches high. 
  • Saltwater and freshwater safe.
  • Excellent doser for vitamins and trace element supplements.
  • Can be used in creating a waterfall in your tank, in drip systems for reptiles, and for raising a water column about the tank surface. 
  • Also use with CPR CS overflows to maintain siphon.
Use the suction pre-filter (not included) in the "water inlet line" to prevent damage or malfunction on this pump. 
Change the water and clean suction filter periodically. 
Use only with clean water or air. 
In case of low or stopped water flow, clean out pump and tubing. 
For best pressure, keep length of tubing short.
  • 115 V 
  • 3 watts 
  • 30" pressure 
  • 3.5 gph

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