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CPR BAK PAK, BakPak 2, With Accela Pump,

CPR BAK PAK, BakPak 2, With Accela Pump,

$ 130.00

The Cyclone BAK-PAK 2sm Bio-Filter is an external, hang on the back, combination Protein Skimmer and Biological Filtration unit from CPR. The Bak-Pak 2 is designed for tank sizes up to 60 gallons. Water first enters the Protein Skimmer column from the aquarium.

It then flows through the biological chamber filled with Bio-BaleTM filtration media before returning to the aquarium. The Protein Skimmer is driven by Accela 1000 pump (newly design for Bak-Pak) with the “Rejuvenation System” modification which mixes air and water before it is drawn through the impeller and broken up into tiny bubbles. Bubble dwell time is increased by the counter-current flow in the skimmer column. The quality of the foam collected can be controlled by raising and lowering the collection cup.

To set up the Bak-Pak 2, hang the unit behind the aquarium and plug it in -- that’s it. New improved design incorporates an easy to clean intake tube and an enclosed, directional outflow to reduce salt splash and micro-bubbles entering into tank. The new design also uses a smoke colored break-resistant collection cup. Body Size: 7.5" wide, 3.2" deep, 17.25" tall





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