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Hydor, Ario 1, Turbo submersible air pump, NIB

Hydor, Ario 1, Turbo submersible air pump, NIB

$ 14.95

 The Ario Air Pump by Hydor is fully submersible and provides aeration to the aquarium water. The Ario pump has a low profile and can be burried in the substrate for invisible quiet operation. Its circular air release makes it great for ornamental purposes.

5-15 GPH
Maximum Positioning Depth - 10" (Please check your water depth before you order.)
3-5watts, 115V, 60Hz


No vibration- no noise
Reduced size- fits anywhere
Easy to hide- postitioned under gravel, the Ario virtually disappears
Simple maintenance- easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble
Reliable, long lasting- non perishable components (membranes), for fresh water and marine aquariums
Air flow control- airflow is adjustable from outside the aquarium



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