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Marine Aquarium Companion, Southeast Asia by Pablo Tepoot

Marine Aquarium Companion, Southeast Asia by Pablo Tepoot

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Product Information
Title: Marine Aquarium Companion Southeast Asia
Author: Pablo Tepoot & Ian Tepoot
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0964505835
Publisher: New Life Publication
Number of Pages: 358
Publication Date: 1996


This book was written and illustrated by two aquarists for the home marine aquarium enthusiast, and therein lies its special value. The fishes contained in this volume are generally available in the aquarium trade.

Most identification books are not written specifically for aquarists.  They are often designed primarily for divers, snorkelers, fishermen or they may be written by ichthyologists for other scientists and therefore contain technical information such as details of the anatomy of a fish, why it is classified in a particular genus, its relationship to other species of its family, etc. - all things of little interest to the aquarist.

The authors of this book are to be complimented for their effort to educate the consumer to avoid buying species of fishes, which are doomed to die in their aquarium.

Unfortunately, the aquarium industry is guilty of marketing species, which may be beautiful or uniquely appealing in some way, but will either soon grow too large for the aquarium or die because they cannot long survive in the conditions aquarists are able to provide.

Well illustrated with over 500 brilliant color photos.

Here are some reviews by readers:

Outstanding book. Multiple languages. Easy to understand. Best pictures I have ever seen. Scientific names, feeding habits, compatibility with other fish. Species are easy to find and identify. Index lists fish by category and by species. A must for any saltwater aquarium owner looking to learn about his/her pets.

An exhaustive pictorial atlas of the marine fishes utilized in the pet-fish interest from its principal areas of collection (Indonesia and the Philippines). This lavishly photographed work incorporates an icon/symbol system detailing aggressiveness, color-fading likelihood, diet, whether the species should be kept singly, in pairs of shoals, collection site information, reef compatibility and size range for each species of fish illustrated. Honest and useful information for the bulk of fish species used in the marine aquarium.






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