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Reef Fishes Volume 1  by Scott Michael, New, Hard Cover

Reef Fishes Volume 1 by Scott Michael, New, Hard Cover

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Author:   Scott W. Michael 

As an underwater photographer for many years, Scott is highly regarded as one of the world's foremost authorities on the behavior and care of reef fishes in aquarium systems.  He regularly contributes articles to Aquarium Fish Magazine, as well as having served as a scientific consultant to National Geographic Explorer and the Discovery Channel.  He is the author of Reef  Sharks and Rays of the World (Sea Challengers), and Aquarium Sharks & Rays (Microcosm).                   

Description:  Full-color, 624 pages, 1,058 photos and illustrations. Hardcover    

Reviewed by:  Stan & Debbie Hauter
               Saltwater Aquariums Guides

Scott has done an exceptional job at putting this book together and we highly recommend it as a must have addition to any saltwater aquarists' reference library.  The photographs in this book are truly stunning!  The book is chalk full of valuable information which includes scientific names, common names, subfamilies, genera, species, captive care, feeding and other advice about each reef fish in the book.  We anxiously await the release of the next two volumes!!!

This book has been 10 years in the making by Scott, a world-class underwater photographer, marine biology researcher, longtime aquarist, and former aquarium store owner.  It is the first of a three-volume set, covering all fish families and species that are associated with coral reefs and that are of interest to marine aquarists.

Reef Fishes draws on the expertise, support, and photographic talents of many leaders in the world of reef fishes, including, Dr. John. E. Randall (Senior Ichthyologist Emeritus of the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, HI), Dr. Gerald Allen, Rudie Kuiter, Paul Humann, Kiesuke Imai, Roger Steene, Fred Bavendam, Dr. John McCosker, Foster Bam, Robert F. Meyers, and many others!

This volume provides an introduction to coral reef habitats and fish families, with detailed information on the following groups:

Moray Eels                      Trumpetfishes
Conger & Garden Eels     Sea Moths
Snake Eels                       Ghost Pipefishes
Eel Catfishes                    Seahorses & Pipefishes
Lizardfishes                      Shrimpfishes
Livebearing Brotulas         Coral Crouchers
Toadfishes                       Waspfishes
Frogfishes                         Scorpionfishes &
Walking Batfishes                     Lionfishes
Flashlight Fishes                Flatheads
Pineapple Fishes               Helmut Gurnards
Squirrelfishes &                Dwarf Seabasses,
    Soldierfishes                        Hamlets, Anthias

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