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Rio+ Rio Plus 1400 Powerhead 420 gph

Rio+ Rio Plus 1400 Powerhead 420 gph

$ 39.50

Water must circulate to maintain a healthy aquatic environment. The Rio Plus Aqua Pump and optional Powerhead deliver superior performance at an affordable price. The enhanced motor design and all ceramic shaft and bearing increase Rio Plus' reliability and longevity. Rio Plus consistently delivers a high flow rate with tremendous pressure capability coolly, quietly and with a low energy consumption. Being fully submersible, the Rio Plus Aqua Pumps and Powerheads can be used with wet/dry filter, venturi protein skimmers, under gravel filtering systems, ponds and fountains in both fresh and saltwater.

Rio+ 1400

420 gph @ 0ft.
Max head 6 ft.
3.9" x 2.5" x 3.25"
27 watts, 115V, 60Hz

Rio+ 1400 can be used with:
• Wet/dry filtration
• Venturi protein skimmers
• Undergravel filtering systems
• Water gardens and ponds
• Waterfalls and fountains

• Powerful and efficient (CE Listed)
• Compact
• Reliable
• Affordable
• Easy installation
• Streamlined and quiet operation
• Fully submersible
• Ceramic shaft with ceramic bearing
• Energy-efficient design
• Rare-earth magnet
• Low heat emission
• Multi-purpose

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